Skinny jeans and vaginal discomforts

Skinny jeans have become fashionable quite some time ago and it seems that they’re here to stay – they even sneaked into male fashion. Together with leggings and tight shorts, skinny jeans fit into a category of clothing that can cause vaginal discomforts if worn excessively.


The problem with tight clothing is that, since they fit closely to the skin, they cause rubbing and friction with every movement. This can result in minor tears and tissue damage – this causes the intimate area to become itchy or even painful and can present quite an uncomfortable condition. But that is not all.

Constant friction causes an increase in temperature of the intimate area, making symptoms even more uncomfortable. If the item of clothing or your underwear are made out of a synthetic material, or if you are wearing a panty liner, your skin cannot breathe properly and the airflow is restricted. This increases sweating and decreases oxygen levels. On top of it all, bodily fluids such as sweat or discharge are being in a close contact with the skin, irritating the skin even more.

Can skinny jeans cause an irritation?

Warm and damp surroundings without sufficient airflow create a perfect home for bad bacteria and yeasts, and this of course increases the risk of infection. Considering the tissue damage caused by rubbing or friction, we can understand that the risk of irritations due to the presence of bad microbes is even greater due to the damaged protective barrier and micro-cuts in the skin that allow microorganisms to enter the deeper layers of skin.

Even though this sounds pretty scary, it is understandable that you wouldn’t want to completely give up on your favorite items of clothing. As long as you limit wearing tight trousers and shorts – certainly not on everyday basis, you can both protect your vaginal health and enjoy these fashionable items. Make sure that the model and the size you’ve chosen fit your body – just because the model is supposed to wrap snuggly around your body, it doesn’t mean it should cut your circulation off. Avoid synthetic materials, especially when it comes to underwear, and change panty liners, pads and tampons every 3 to 4 hours.