External intimate discomforts

It’s safe to say that almost every woman has experienced some kind of external intimate discomforts – whether it is irritation, itching, swelling, redness, soreness, sensitivity, haemorrhoids or minor tissue injuries. These issues occur when skin doesn’t have the capacity to resist external damaging factors, or it doesn’t recuperate in time, so the damage gets more severe.


Numerous factors can cause irritation or tissue damage in the sensitive intimate area:

  • aggressive chemicals and detergents
  • excessive washing
  • inappropriate hygiene products that remove the protective layer from the surface of the skin which disrupts the natural lubricating and moisturizing properties and exposes your intimate region to bad bacteria and irritants
  • friction caused by tight clothing or exercise
  • menstrual blood
  • sexual intercourse without sufficient lubrication
  • certain infections
  • menopause and other hormonal changes
  • side effects of certain medication
  • constipation
  • pregnancy (higher pressure in the intimate region increases the chances for anal fissures and haemorrhoids)
  • giving birth

How to prevent external intimate discomforts

In order to prevent these issues from developing and to minimise the discomfort if you are already experiencing some of the mentioned symptoms, you should:

If you do experience any symptoms in your intimate region, choose natural products that relieve symptoms and encourage recovery of the damaged area.